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Euthanasia Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Euthanasia - Research Paper Example The concept of Euthanasia or Physician Assisted Suicide is one such idea which has been subjected to many moral and ethical implications. The word euthanasia actually means â€Å"good death† and it is also sometimes referred to as â€Å"mercy killing.† It is a practice whereby the life of an individual is ended with the assistance of physicians to end the agonizing state and misery of a patient. The subject has sparked many controversies globally and many nations across the world have taken the bold step of legalizing this practice. Euthanasia is a practice which is mainly for the good of the patient as it is a method of ending the difficult state that a person lives in. It is mainly a patient selected option and the desire of the patient is given due preference before this practice is carried out (Knox 2005; Manning 1998). Euthanasia is a controversial practice but legalization of this practice is justified owing to the assistance that it brings to the people and owing to the fact that every individual has a right to choose what he considers correct for himself. The subject of Euthanasia is a globally acknowledged issue and there are many countries in the world that have legalized this practice. Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium are amongst the countries where this practice has been allowed. Switzerland is a country where foreigners are also allowed to come and opt for this practice. There have been cases of people who go to Switzerland to undergo the process of euthanasia. These difficulties can be overcome if the euthanasia is globally legalized. According to statistics, many people from Britain have gone to Switzerland to avail the practice of euthanasia. Jacqueline Herremans who was the President of the Association for the Right to Die with Dignity in Brussels clearly upheld the fact that every individual has a right over his life. They do not need to take permission from the state or their doctors or from other groups for ending their lif e. Thus she argued that the practice of euthanasia should be legal so that people do not have to face difficulties in their personal choices (Knox 2005). The subject of euthanasia has become of increasing interest as the number of patients who are treated in the hospitals for euthanasia related issues have increased. The patients who mainly visit their physicians for euthanasia suffer from lethal and life hampering pathological conditions that greatly alters the living standards and the quality of life of those individuals. These people wish to end their lives with dignity as the pain and suffering in their life is beyond treatment and beyond their control. Furthermore, if this issue is considered with a different perspective, it can be seen that people who are suffering from fatal conditions require excessive monitoring and they may interfere with the treatment of other patients who suffer from curable diseases. Also, the number of people visiting the hospitals has greatly increase d over the years. Thus, if a person consents to and pleads the physician for a dignified death, he should be granted the permission to do so (Quaghebeur et al 2009). There has been strong opposition against the case of euthanasia by religious as well as ethical groups. According to religious groups, euthanasia is a process of killing someone and it is an unforgiveable act owing to the fact that the master of life and death is god. According to these groups, the act of opting for death is actually a challenge to the

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Current Event Topics Essay For Marijuana Legalization

Current Event Topics Essay For Marijuana LegalizationCurrent Event Topics Essay for Marijuana Legalization is a three-part course of study intended to assist students in identifying and achieving their own personal goals for attaining marijuana law reform. As they move from learning basic information about the topic to understanding why the topic is important, students can then start to work toward their own goals for achieving the legalization of marijuana.In the first segment of the current event topics essay for legalization of marijuana, students should be taught the various kinds of arguments that have been presented in support of the legalization of marijuana. By learning these arguments, students will have a better idea as to how the argument is framed, what it entails, and what changes need to be made if legalization of marijuana is to be accomplished.The second segment of the essay is where students should be taught about the different types of arguments that have been offer ed in opposition to the legalization of marijuana. For example, if an argument is made that children have greater access to marijuana than adults, students will learn why this is not necessarily true. By studying the different arguments that are made in opposition to legalization of marijuana, students will have a better idea as to why legalization has been met with such opposition.The third segment of the current event topics essay for legalization of marijuana focuses on the need for evidence that the usage of marijuana poses a threat to public health and safety. Students will be provided with some useful information to help them understand why this is important and to answer the question of whether or not there is evidence to support this argument. By making use of information about the links between marijuana use and various types of cancer, smoking, lung cancer, and heart disease, students will be better equipped to determine whether or not marijuana is dangerous to one's healt h.After answering the questions posed in the public policy segment of the essay, students will be encouraged to consider the future of marijuana reform and what change can be made to ensure that the legalization of marijuana does not threaten the public health and safety of Americans. By understanding how marijuana legalization is not just a change in policy, but also in behavior and social attitudes, students will better understand why public policy regarding marijuana can be a very powerful force in changing behavior and attitudes.Overall, the essay for legalization of marijuana is designed to help students learn the reasons why marijuana should be legalized, and why it is necessary for marijuana to be regulated properly. By examining the different arguments presented against legalization, students will have a better understanding of why the topic is so important, and why legalization of marijuana will be a positive change for the United States.Students may wish to continue to ref ine the essay for the legalization of marijuana as they proceed through the class. This way, students will be more prepared for the essay for legalization of marijuana.

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Projective Techniques Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Projective Techniques - Research Paper Example It is still implicitly used in many areas of management, but is seldom acknowledged. For example, in operational management, OCE layout theory assumes that managers project their subconscious in designing their OCE space (bunker, open etc.). This paper would mainly focus upon the detail analysis of the projective techniques and its application in academic researches as well. The idea of projective techniques is usually accredited to Frank (1939) with techniques initially developed in clinical psychology, where they were used for personality assessment and psychoanalytic treatment (Bellak 1992, Graham and Lilly 1984, Kassarjian 1974). The hypothesis that \research participants project aspects of their personalities in the process of disambiguating unstructured test stimuli" was the basis for this development. A number of different techniques were developed such as the well-known Rorschach technique or ink-blot test" where subjects are assumed to project aspects of their own personalit y onto the ambiguous features of a series of pictures of inkblots. Projective techniques provide the researcher with the tools to elicit projection and thus go beyond the fence of bounded rationality. This is because they have the ability to tap into the unconscious mental processing of individuals and can be used to get through the defensive barriers that respondents erect (Boddy, 2010, Ramsey, Ibbotson, and McCole 2006, Rogers and Beal 2006), the barriers of incorrect attribution or the barriers due to research question sensitivity (Anderson 1978, Fram and Cibotti 1991, Soley 2009). The first use of projective techniques in management research is generally accepted to be Haire (1950). He conducted a marketing study in the United States using projective techniques and found that female consumers formed impressions about the personalities of other women based on their product purchases, which they could not, or would not, state during direct questioning. The study gave unique and va luable insights into the barriers to product acceptance among housewives and these were deemed to be so useful that the study was basically the launch pad for the use of projective techniques in marketing research. Professional marketing researchers adopted the use of projective techniques and concluded that projective techniques were far superior to other research methods because they assessed the deep-rooted motivations of consumers. Follow up studies have consistently confirmed and supported the validity of Haire's approach and this cemented their use in marketing research (Soley, 2009). This common usage of projective techniques in marketing and advertising communications research continues to this day. Projective Techniques can be classified in a number of ways based on mode of response provides for five types. These are: Association Techniques Association techniques ask participants to respond to a stimulus with whatever association first comes to their mind. For example they may be asked What type of car would an accountant usually drive?" This is an example of word association, which is the most common test in this category. It is a simple enabling device where respondents or research participants suggest words that they can associate, in some way, with something relevant to what is being researched. The weakness of word association tests is that they do not provide respondents with the

College Acceptance Essay Topics - Things to Remember in Writing College Acceptance Essays

College Acceptance Essay Topics - Things to Remember in Writing College Acceptance EssaysIt's a given fact that college acceptance essays are different than normal essays, which is why many students don't apply to college. The same goes for applicants who do apply to college. That is, the essays are different than the typical college essay.There are a lot of things that need to be on the normal college essays, or the normal school essays. That is, the big literary elements and the major ideas and concepts. These are all things that are considered major components of a college essay.While most college acceptance essays are similar to college school essays, there are a lot of things that can help you stand out on the normal essay topics. This is because most college essays are structured to go over that average outline. It may have the introduction, a little bit of introduction, and then is all straight forward. There is no reason to fall into the normal essay structure.You can write a strong college acceptance essay topics based around a different structure. This will require a few details to break up the general topics and force you to put more thought into the college essay topics. That is, when you do have an idea that will help you write a unique college essay topic. It can help you make it unique from the general outline of the college essay topics.If you have an idea of what you want to talk about, you can write your college essay topics in a more interesting way. When you have an idea of what you want to talk about, and you are trying to think of different ways to combine all of the essays together, you are likely to come up with ideas that will blow people away. That is, if you can come up with something to write that will go over everyone's head and get them to read. When you have an idea that can go over the heads of all of the college essay topics, you can have everyone's attention.You can also add more interest to your college acceptance essay topics . This can help you add some more spice to your essay that will go over well with the admissions officers. So, if you have a research topic that is interesting, that is interesting to the admissions officers, and that gets some kids talking, that can be quite interesting for the admissions officers.So, if you do think about adding a few details to your college acceptance essay topics, you will be able to create some more interesting essays. That is, if you think about the different elements you will have to make the essay.

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The Pain of Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

The Pain of Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics With a little bit of zeal and hard work, you're sure to think of an impressive unlawful justice essay. Every one of them has its own, well-defined undertaking. It would likewise be a great idea for a prosecutor to consider what type of defense they may be up against. While you might not get an in depth rubric before starting your thesis, rest assured you are going to receive clear expectations. Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics at a Glance Before you commence writing a criminal justice research paper, you've got to opt for a very good topic. Once you own a topic and a list of references, you might want to write down all of the critical points you should include, developing a plan for your justice paper that may be developed into the very first draft simply by describing each point. If you're the law student who already feels fluent in the subject, I hope that my topic guide will allow you to write a great pa per. In the remainder of the write-up, you can find how to compose a criminal law and justice essays. When you must compose a research paper on the subject, you will have to find one which is relevant. College research topic ideas aren't very likely to appear in the center of a pub-hopping spree, you know. At times, the topic may appear to be too vast. The subject of your research paper shows your subject of interest in the topic. Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics and Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics - The Perfect Combination Students, trying to prepare a great research proposal on the topic, have to appear through criminal justice research proposal examples. They obtain information at the beginning of a capstone course, ranging from general guidelines to a specific rubric. Many students find it useful to work with an adviser during the conclusion of their capstone project. Every student who enters the course associated with the Legal studies is supposed not just to cover a great quantity of weekly reading but in addition regular writing assignments that lots of students find both complex and exhausting. You may look at criminology as it's viewed by the social sciences. If you aren't sure your professor will prefer an original research direction, it is far better to pick some typical topic. Psychology and law play an important part in postgraduate education and professional improvement. Forensic psychology is a rather young area of scholarship. Debate topics are centered on the recent issues people are worried about, and such problems still don't have any single solution. Technology is potentially the most renowned topic to speak about today. Bear in mind your committee just wishes to see you perform well and show a comprehensive comprehension of your material. Check with your tutor to determine whether the subject is acceptable, or there's a clearer idea on your available collection of choices. When you're back, you can start working on the last draft and its editing, paying attention to the details together with formatting aspects. Below you will discover a list of general topic ideas that you are able to narrow down to fit the particular demands of your research paper's parameters. How to Get Started with Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics? Whether there are any problems with the assignment preparation, you may always turn to research paper writing service for assistance and advice. When you submit such unlawful justice research proposal topics, the funding agency will appear at them and should they choose to go ahead with the funding, you're going to be requested to get in the area and come out with the entire paper only the same manner you'll be requested to come out with a complete daycare business plan when you present a daycare business proposal. You can construct your research around an opinion that you believe to be the most logical and supply evidence to back this up. Conduct an intelligent research. In order to produce laws, courts must determine what's reasonable or unfair. When there's a particular reason you wished to start training for criminal justice, then you need to write about that. Nonetheless, it is reasonable discuss criminal justice for a system. An ethical facet of the parole system. According to the majority of laws, whenever there is premeditation it's murder, but in this circumstance, self defense is added in. The society employs various models to decide what can be regarded as a crime. Criminal justice methods vary upon the world. The juvenile justice system in various nations. The New Fuss About Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics N eedless to say, the area of business is quite wide. It's well worth remembering that the sphere of criminal justice undergoes constant alterations. Drivers in the exact same as saying you're living very much today. Concentrate on something particular. Choosing Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics To be a respectable specialist, you need to pass a reach of exams, complete countless assignments, and gain extensive knowledge that may be put in practice. There is a broad collection of information sources offered for students so that you don't need to struggle to try to find them. Every year the sum of students who hire best thesis writers online increases since they have no where else to turn when they're fighting to finish their term papers. Sadly, but the law is among the most tricky subjects if you have to keep the audience involved.

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The Importance of Weather Topics to Do Research Paper

The Importance of Weather Topics to Do Research Paper Opt for the one which you need based on the discipline and time you've got for implementing the job. Otherwise, maybe you've just provided a summary rather than creating an argument. You should additionally have a thesis statement at the conclusion of your paragraph. Before you commence writing a single word of your paper, you first will need to understand what your thesis will be. Weather Topics to Do Research Paper: No Longer a Mystery Explain briefly the significant points you want to cover in your paper and why readers ought to be interested in your topic. Once you've got a notion of what you wish to write about, make sure that your topic is neither broad nor narrow. Therefore, if you feel a bit fuzzy about some topic, decide on another one before you commence writing. Go on reading to discover useful tips together with some intriguing topic examples for you. Otherwise, a friend who's knowledgeable about science topics are sometimes a fantastic resource, too. You don't need to acquire super technical with legal argumentative essays, but be certain to do your homework on what the present laws about your favorite topic actually say. If you're looking to produce the fantastic essay on microeconomics topics all on your own, the very first place you should search is the internet. The farming industry's impact on the surroundings. You need to think about that essays on weather or another subject will portray your understanding of the subject and the capability to systematize it. Weather forecasting is scientifically reasonable supposition about the upcoming state of weather in a particular point or region on a sure period. Professional writing service will solve difficulties with homework at any level with no delays. Correct all errors that you may spot and enhance the total grade of the paper to the best of your ability. Bear in mind that changing components of your work in the practice of writing and reviewing is normal. To begin researching local problems, head straight to local newspapers and internet sources. This video guides you through the procedure for deciding upon a topic. You must read most of this literature during the class of the period. Weather modification denotes the effect on hydro-meteorological processes so as to manage them and lower the potential damage to the population and the economy. Pretty much all our 500-level and 600-level courses are only given in the evening. In most instances, all you should begin a great research paper is an intriguing research paper topic. If you've ever done a research before, then you know it is hard to find the best results if you don't use an outline. To cut back stress whilst writing a research paper, you ought to be sure to hav e chosen the proper topic. Obviously, picking a research topic is simply the startwriting a prosperous research paper is not simple. Try to remember your essay isn't a research paper, and therefore do not cover the top with documentation. Attempting to compose a research paper on a topic that doesn't have a lot of research on it's incredibly hard, so before you choose a topic, do a little preliminary searching and be certain you're have all the info you have to compose your paper. In the procedure for writing research articles, it's essential to adhere to a particular topic. Picking a topic for a research paper isn't easy whatsoever. Writing a research paper requires a lot of time, therefore it is crucial to pick a research paper topic you will really delight in working with. Research paper topics on Business will help you in finding good suggestions to compose your research about. Research paper topics on Marketing will re-fresh your suggestions and give a few important hint on the potential topics you could select for your paper. Research paper topics on English Literature will provide you fresh ideas to utilize in your paper.

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Chemistry Project Essay Example for Free

Chemistry Project Essay Caffeine is a naturally-occurring stimulant, found in several plants. Caffeine is water soluble, and is extracted into the brewed cup when preparing tea, coffee, or other caffeinated drinks. The most well-known plants containing caffeine are the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, coffee, yerba matà ©, and guayusa. Although tea is known to have a number of health benefits, heavy caffeine use is known to have unpleasant effects and negative impacts on health, including anxiety and insomnia, and for this reason many tea drinkers seek to moderate their caffeine intake. The amount of caffeine in tea tends to be low, but is high enough to be a matter of concern for people drinking large quantities of tea, as well as people sensitive to caffeine for medical reasons. The Caffeine Molecule How much caffeine is in tea? The caffeine content of tea varies widely from one tea to the next, and depends on how the tea is brewed, but tends to be within the range of 15-70mg per 8 ounce cup. Caffeine can also be measured in terms of milligrams of caffeine per grams of dry tea. A teaspoon of dry tea leaves tends to weigh around 2.5 grams, the amount usually used to make a single cup, although this varies greatly by the type of tea. One study of the caffeine content of teas (after steeping) found that the caffeine content of tea varied from about 3 mg/g to 30mg/g, which would result in a cup of tea containing between 7.5 mg and 75 mg of tea. In most cases, tea has much less caffeine than coffee; a typical cup of coffee contains 80-135 mg of caffeine. However, it is important to note that these figures are per cup, not per serving, and in the case of large serving sizes, and also with espresso and other heavily-caffeinated drinks, the caffeine per serving can be considerably higher. In the U.S. the standard small serving size is 12 ounces. A recent study of commercial coffee vendors in Australia found that roughly a quarter of espresso samples contained over 120 mg of caffeine per serving, about 1/8th contained 167 mg or more per serving, and the highest contained 214 mg per serving. The authors of this study concluded that the most often-cited figures on caffeine content of coffee tend to underestimate the actual caffeine content. How much caffeine is safe to consume? To place these figures in perspective, the current consensus of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is that it is safe for pregnant women to consume up to 200 mg of caffeine daily. For the general public, the Mayo clinic recommends that 200-300 mg of caffeine daily is safe, but that 500-600 mg daily can cause a number of health problems. If drinking a relatively stronger tea containing 60mg / cup, 8 cups a day would be a safe amount, or 3 for pregnant women. For a weaker tea, with 30mg / cup, twice this amount would still be a safe amount of caffeine. Keep in mind that different people react differently to caffeine, so an amount that is safe or unpleasant for one person may not be healthy for everyone. L-theanine in tea interacts with caffeine In addition to caffeine, tea also contains L-theanine; theanine can interact with caffeine, allowing a smaller dose of caffeine to have a stronger effect in terms of boosting concentration and alertness. This may explain why tea seems to provide a stronger boost in alertness for some people than one would expect from its caffeine content alone. Do black, green, or white teas contain more or less caffeine? Many tea companies, and even some reputable entities such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, have made misleading generalizations about the caffeine content of broad classes of tea. It is a widespread myth that black tea contains more caffeine than green tea, and another myth that white tea contains the least caffeine of all teas. Studies that have actually examined the caffeine content of a large number of different teas have consistently found that caffeine levels vary more among individual teas than across broad categories of tea such as black, white, green, oolong, or pu-erh. A study published in 2005 in the Journal of Food Science listed, among other things, the caffeine content of 77 different teas, and found a broad range of caffeine content among both green and black teas. Surprisingly, the tea in this study that was found to contain the most caffeine was a white tea, solidly dispelling the myth about white teas caffeine content. A more recent study in the 2008 Journal of Analytical Toxicology examined the caffeine contents of a number of teas, and found that they ranged from 14 to 61 mg per 6 or 8 oz serving, with no observable trend in caffeine concentration due to the variety of tea. Very few tea companies have examined the caffeine content of a large number of samples of their teas; one that has, Camellia Sinensis Tea House, found similar results, that the caffeine level varies widely from one tea to the next, and does not show clear trends of caffeine levels across different varieties of teas. One possible exception to this observation is that matcha is known to contain very high levels of caffeine, consistently much higher than other teas. This is due in part to higher caffeine levels in the leaf used to produced matcha, but it is also due to the fact that, because matcha is a powdered tea, the entire tea leaf is consumed when brewing, so a cup of prepared matcha contains 100% of the caffeine in the leaf. What determines the amount of caffeine in a particular tea? Caffeine protects the tender young leaf buds of the tea plant from being eaten by insects. There are so many different factors influencing the caffeine content of tea, that it is very hard to make generalizations predicting the caffeine content of tea. Caffeine levels vary widely from one particular tea to the next. The only certain way to know the caffeine level of a particular tea is to actually test it in a laboratory. Tea can be made from different parts of the tea plant, and these parts contain different quantities of caffeine. Leaf buds (tips) and younger leaves are higher in caffeine than older, mature leaves. This pattern can be explained by the fact that, for the tea plant, caffeine acts a natural insecticide, serving to protect the plant against being eaten by insects. Since the tips and tender young leaves are most vulnerable to insects, these parts of the plant are highest in caffeine; the older leaves are tougher and thus lower in caffeine. Tippy teas such as Yunnan Gold or Silver Needle White Tea (Bai Hao Yinzhen) are thus higher in caffeine than large-leaf teas such as Lapsang Souchong, a black tea (Souchongs are made of mature leaves) or Shou Mei, a white tea. The varietal (cultivar or specific horticultural variety) of tea plant used to produced tea can profoundly affect caffeine levels in tea. Varietal is independent of type of tea (green, white, black, oolong, etc.), and different types of tea can be produced from the same varietal. Variation in caffeine content among different varietals can lead to teas grown under similar conditions, with similar appearance and other qualities, having different caffeine levels. Roasting can also reduce the caffeine levels in tea. In the 2005 study mentioned above, one particular sample of Hojicha, a Japanese roasted green tea, was found to have less caffeine even than some decaffeinated teas. Oolong teas are usually roasted to varying degrees, and can be lower in caffeine, although like all types of tea, oolong teas vary greatly in caffeine content. It should be noted that the roasting processes both for hojicha and oolongs vary greatly, and the caffeine content of most of these teas has not been extensively studied, so it is not safe to conclude that hojicha or roasted oolong is necessarily low in caffeine. The blending of tea with caffeine-free ingredients to produce flavored teas can result in a lower total caffeine content so long as less total tea leaf is used in the blend. Scenting tea with flowers or flavoring tea with essential oils of plants does not add as much weight as blending with loose herbs, and thus does not lower the caffeine content (by weight) of the blend as much. How you brew tea affects caffeine content The quantity of leaf used and the length of time the leaves are steeped both directly influence the caffeine content of the final cup of tea. Using more leaves and steeping for a longer time both increase the caffeine in the resulting cup. Our page on brewing tea has more discussion of how to brew tea. Can you decaffeinate your own tea by steeping it briefly in water? Short answer: no. A number of sources make the claim that you can decaffeinate your own tea by making a brief infusion in hot water, and then discarding this infusion. Unfortunately, this process does not work; if it did, tea companies would not have to resort to expensive and involved decaffeination processes to produce decaf tea. Caffeine tends to diffuse in hot water at the same rate as many of the chemicals responsible for the flavor and aroma of tea, so if the tea still tastes flavorful, it probably still contains caffeine. Most (but not all) herbal teas contain no caffeine Although caffeine does occur in a number of plants, the overwhelming majority of herbal teas are caffeine free. The most notable exception is Yerba mate. Other plants containing caffeine are very rare as ingredients in herbal tea. In addition to exploring other herbal teas, people desiring caffeine-free tea-like drinks might want to try South African rooibos and honeybush, two plants which are often described as being similar to tea in flavor, health benefits, and manner of production.